Pull List: A list you keep at your comic shop, for the employees of the comic shop, of all the comics that you want to read. When the book(s) comes into the shop we place it aside for you (bagged and boarded). 


Signing up for a pull box at the Fallout Shelter is quick and easy!


Just fill out the form and hand it in to us. 


You will receive a Weekly Email letting you know what reserved books have come into the store for pickup. 


Books should be picked up at least once a month. If your going to be late, or have an irregular pick up schedule, let us know. We’ll be glad to work with you. We have plenty of customers we don’t see once a week. The key is to keep us in the loop. No Worries. 


Allow at least a two weeks for a book to be pulled. i.e. If you pull a title Monday that comes out the following Wednesday we may not have enough copies to accommodate you. 9 times out of 10 we’ll have the book for you, but you never know.

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